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Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer  
Col Elliott Biography
Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer

Col Elliott has been pushing our belly-laugh buttons for over 40 years. He is one of Australia's most loved and in demand performers. Col takes his audience on an incredible ride with his stand-up, his zany characters and his unique brand of story-telling and music ......He does it all.

His many album and DVD releases have not only given him gold and platinum status, but have generated a huge fan base which manages to cross all generational boundaries.

His first taste of the business was in his Navy days, moonlighting in the bars of Singapore and Hong Kong for drinks and tips. He left the Navy in 1972 and as Col puts it, he wasn’t quite prepared for Civilian life. He joined the Navy as a boy of 16. Col said “I left the Navy with a basic knowledge of Bingo, I could ask for a beer in five different languages, and track a submarine, that didn’t exactly give me many options in the middle of Melbourne in 1972".

Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer
He stumbled into show business in 1973. On the way to a gig, he knew that he needed tyres for his clapped out old car and the coppers had put it off the road - “...they didn’t like my Angry Anderson tyres"! He subsequently won the finals of “Kevin Dennis New Faces” a then, Melbourne TV talent show. Over 40 years later Col says he’s got a garage full of tyres!!!! Col has created many memorable characters over the years and has featured them on his videos, DVD’s, CD’s and television shows. His latest creation is “Briden Backpack”, a hi-camp cowboy who is president of “The Country and Precious Western Club of Australia, Briden doesn’t do the Charlie Daniel’s Hit song “ The Devil went down to Georgia”, his version goes something like.. “Bruce went down to Sydney”, and must be heard to be believed. Col can adjust to any format, whether it be one of his own shows, Television appearances or a Corporate event.
Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer   Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer   Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer
In his recent debut as a book-writer, he has opened up his life, for the scrutiny of all. Be amazed by his story of courage and determination as you read ‘In Between The Laughter’. Col never fails to entertain and his story-telling expertise allows you insights into the ups and downs, along his life’s journey, as he shares a few more laughs along the way.
Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer
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