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Col Elliott - Australian Comedian / Entertainer  
Col's Videos

Here it is at last, a classic collection of Col's most requested pieces. Col takes us on a walk through his life from his early beginnings as a sailor "moonlighting" in the bars of Asia to his life on the road as "Australia's Resident Madman".

Video segments include:

Col Elliott Videos Gone Fishin'
Col Elliott Videos Hey You Bloody Mug
Col Elliott Videos The Great Eskase
Col Elliott Videos Hankies From Nanna
Col Elliott Videos Henry Banjo & Me
Col Elliott Videos Mal Malingerer
Col Elliott Videos Guiseppe Rules Football
Col Elliott Videos Slugger Mulligan
Col Elliott Videos What Have You Done For Australia


A Selection of Col Elliott's Videos and CD's.

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Alternatively view some of Col's funniest works below with our online Video Collection.

I Won't Be Doing That Tonight
Uncle Slugger Still Bitchin Never Drop the "F" Word Around A Cop
Cooktown invasion with Chooka And Col Zzar....Classic Col
Classic Col Elliott - Guesseppi Rules Football Classic Col Elliott Live - The Footy Song
Classic Col Elliott - What have you done for Australia Classic Col Elliott - Hari Kari, failed Kamakazi pilot
Classic Col Elliott - Henry Banjo and Me Classic Col Elliott Live Stand Up
Classic Col Elliott Live - I Used To Classic Col Elliott - Hey You Bloody Mug
Classic Col Elliott Live - Chooka the Roadie What's a Pommy - Coming to a Town Near You
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